Connections Equine Therapy
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• Team Building
• Horsemanship

Serving Northern Arizona & the Verde Valley Since 2000

Therapeutic Horseback Riding: Therapeutic riding provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to realize their physical, cognitive, emotional and recreational goals.
Corporate Equine Therapy Programs: Learn leadership, conflict resolution, effective communication and consensus-building skills
Downrange: An equine-assisted program for veterans and their families
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Exploring the patterns in your life so you can act out of choice, not habit

Connections Ranch LLC

Through its partnership with horses, Connections Ranch provides EQUINE MENTORING to promote spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing, TEAM BUILDING programs for families and organizations, and HORSEMANSHIP CLASSES for individuals wishing to further their skills with their horses

We currently offer the follwing programs:  

Equine Mentoring Programs

• Teambuilding Programs

Horsemanship Programs


Connections Equine Therapy

Connections Ranch LLC is located in Cornville, Arizona and provides Equine Mentoring, Team Building and Horsemanship Instruction.


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